Advisory Board

The Dean’s Advisory Board on Engineering Diversity is charged with assisting the Center for Engineering Outreach and Inclusion to meet their goals and mission. The board convenes in the fall and spring to analyze data of current programs, suggest changes and new initiatives. There are also many student centered panels and activities that take place during the board meetings. Currently, the board consists of many faculty, staff, and corporate representatives. Below is a current list of those members. Documentation for the previous meetings may be found here. Please note the link is password protected.

Advisory Board Members

Eric Jackson,
Research Engineer

Ashley Churilla,
Consulting Manager
Betsy Lau,
Recruiting Manager

Larry McAllister,

Dan Williams,
Senior Project Manager

Sheree Denny,
Technical Specialist Stress Engineer

James Bridgers

J. Robert Gochnour, Manager,
Advanced Reservoir Simulation Development
Keri Wolfe,
Production Engineer

Jessica Greenberg

Marc Payne
Olivia Cheng, Reliability Engineer
Richard C. Temple, P.E, Engineering Advisor

Caroline Blackwell,
Microelectronics Technology Engineer

Sebastian Nieto,
Production Engineering

Paula Garcia Todd,
Development Engineer

Lisa Chenevert-Williams,
Supply Chain Business Liaison

Jason B. Morris,
Chief Executive Officer
Ahmed Awadelkarim,
Chief Operations Officer

Jayme Fullerton,
Subcontractor Planning Manager

Alexandra Noel Pascarella

Shani J. Allison,
Product Development Engineer

Anne K. Eisert,

Victor M. Ramos, P.E

Liz Kisenwether,

Vermon Ross Jr.,
Director Learning Management and Technical Development

Kwesi A. Vincent,
Support Specialist
Engineering, Manufacturing, and Scientific Research

Patricia C. Woody, Head 
Machinery Research and Engineering

Claire Martin,
Product Team Lead
Robert Raybits, Manager,
University Relations and Recruiting

Tony Burke,
Engineering Manager
Krystle-Lynn Rendon,
Sales Engineer

Danelle Wilson,
Vice President of Manufacturing

Johanna Ramos,
Senior Systems Engineer