Academic Summer Enhancement (ASE)


June 24, 2017 – August 05, 2017
University Park Campus

The Academic Summer Enhancement Program (ASE) encourages engineering students from all Penn State campuses to get to know the College of Engineering located at University Park. Although many first-year students start at smaller Penn State campuses all over Pennsylvania, most engineering students will graduate from University Park. ASE is a specially designed program offered by the Multicultural Engineering Program to help you get ready for college in a fun, effective, and realistic academic setting.

ASE previews:

  • Pre-calculus
  • Campus life orientation
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Exploration of engineering majors
  • Course scheduling strategies
  • Peer mentoring
  • College study skills

A Closer Look

This six-week intensive academic preparatory program will place you ahead of your peers both academically and socially. ASE allows you to invest in yourself by preparing you above and beyond what you have already done in high school. By taking advantage of this opportunity to jump into college life early, attend classes, and meet other engineering students, you’ll have a giant head start when you begin full-time classes in the fall. You will also connect with peer mentors, become familiar with the MEP staff and services, and get oriented to campus life and culture at Penn State.

After 13 years of the ASE Program, we have noted the following benefits to the students who participate in ASE:

        • Have a higher GPA
        • More likely to graduate from the College of Engineering
        • More likely to land competitive salaries in internships, co-ops, and full-time employment
        • Improved opportunity to earn amazing academic scholarships
        • Build an extensive network of lifelong friends
        • Acclimate more easily to the college environment
        • Learn effective college study skills


The cost of the program is $1000. This includes room and board, field trips, courses, tutoring, and professional development programs. This is only a tenth of the cost of the program per student, with the remaining expenses being covered through corporate and university sponsorships. If you are unable to pay the entirety of the fee, please include a statement of financial need and how much you are able to contribute with your application.