Business Experience for Undergraduates (BEU – Summer Session #1, May 14-June 26)

Application deadline is April 14th, 11:59 pm

Business Experience for Undergraduates (BEU) University Park Campus

The Summer 2017 Business Experience for Undergraduates (BEU) Program will take place May 14 – June 26. The BEU Program is a collaboration between the Smeal College of Business and the College of Engineering to provide business entrepreneurship and management experience for engineering undergraduate students. The BEU program provides a unique opportunity for engineering students to learn the skills needed to be entrepreneurial leaders in adaptive, globally-minded, technology-savvy companies.

On completion, students will have a working knowledge of traditional and non-traditional ways for identifying new products and business opportunities.  Students will also learn how to assess the market potential of new products and services, key competitive factors, customer segmentation, and how to produce a convincing business plan to obtain internal or external financing and launch a new venture.

Program Description:
The program will include ten (10) engineering students. Eligible students will be at least 6th semester standing at time of application. Students will be enrolled in a 3-credit course – the cost of which is covered by the program. Selected students will also receive a $1200 stipend in the form of scholarship.


To apply, log in at

Using the application website, follow the steps below to apply to the BEU Program:

  • Step 1: Add your biographical data and resume.
  • Step 2: Add a faculty reference. This step is optional.
  • Step 3: Apply to the BEU Program. When you apply, you must also upload a one-page statement addressing the following questions:
  • In 250 words or less: What are you hoping to learn about entrepreneurship and business in the BEU Program? Please elaborate on any ideas you have for a new product, service innovation, or business venture, and describe any past or present experiences you have had with business and/or entrepreneurship.
  • In 100 words or less: What are your career goals and objectives? What do you see yourself doing as a professional, in a work-related field, five years from now??
  • In 250 words or less: Please describe something you have accomplished, or achieved, that you are proud of?

Priority Student Application Deadline is Friday, April 14, 2017.

For any questions about the Business Experience for Undergraduates (BEU) Program, please contact the Office of Student Research and Engagement with the College of Engineering.


Erin Hostetler, Manager                                                           Cindy Reed, Coordinator                                                                

(814) 867-3019                                                                           (814) 863-5322