Engineering House (E-House)

E-House hopes to provide students with a constructive and positive live-in community that supports projects and activities relevant to their majors within the College of Engineering. E-house is conveniently located in McKee Hall, a sector of the West Halls residence area sited next to Recreation Hall and the Lion Shrine.

First Year in Science and Engineering (FISE) House

FISE House is the scholastic house for first-year students in science and engineering majors. In FISE you can meet people who have similar interests, talents, and life plans. You’re all first-year students. Living in a residence hall filled with people who are experiencing Penn State for the first time just like you is fun! It’s co-ed and multicultural. Ritner Hall is a co-ed residence hall with alternating floors for women and men that recruits students from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. Through living with a wide range of people from various ethnicities, locations, and races, you learn to live and work together, just like in the real world. Includes in-house tutoring of foundation courses (calculus, physics, and chemistry) and access to activity coordinators, tutors, mentors, and friends.

Engineering and Applied Science Interest (EASI)

EASI House is on the fifth, sixth and seventh floors of Wolf Hall. Residents are majoring in a variety of engineering majors as well as some majors in the sciences. Everyone is encouraged to ask one another for homework help. With a number of different majors on the two floors, there is a high possibility that someone else in the house can help out. House unity is very important to EASI House. The organization participates in house dinners, academic events, and social events to help everybody meet new people and have fun at the same time. EASI House is committed to community involvement. EASI House participates in various events on campus, including THON. The organization also reaches out to build relationships with other Special Living Options on campus to enhance the experience of all members involved.