Multicultural Engineering Program Orientation (MEPO)


August 16, 2017 – August 18, 2017
University Park Campus

MEPO is an exciting three-day introduction to the College of Engineering, the Office of Engineering Outreach & Inclusion, and Penn State. The program is meant to benefit first-year engineering students attending Penn State in the fall semester. Participants will have a chance to connect with other incoming first-year students as well as current undergraduate engineering students attending Penn State at University Park.

MEPO Sponsorship

The Multicultural Engineering Program is seeking partners to participate in Multicultural Engineering Program Orientation Corporate and Alumni Networking Luncheon. The luncheon takes place annually as part of the Multicultural Engineering Program Orientation (MEPO). MEPO is three day/two night orientation program that introduces first year multicultural students to key aspects of academic success and career exploration that ensures a successful transition from high school to college. Our research indicates that students who participate in MEPO consistently out perform their counter parts who do not participate in the program. They are also more likely to secure internships and co-ops. MEPO is modeled after the very successful Women in Engineering Program Orientation (WEPO) that runs concurrently with MEPO. Just like WEPO students, participants will take part in many activities, seminars, and workshops that will not only prepare them for success inside the classroom, but will also prepare them for a successful career in the engineering field.

The MEPO Networking Luncheon connects our corporate partners with diverse future interns and employees who are eager to begin on the path to their future career. Furthermore, for our corporate sponsors this is an excellent opportunity with which to plant your flag first and interact with a future workforce that is at the beginning of their journey, as well as handpick student leaders who will mentor them through their college career. The MEPO career luncheon provides corporate sponsors with the opportunity to personally interact with potential interns, get the inside track on these talented students who will be seeking internships in the future, and is a great branding opportunity for your company as you support a world class program that assists Penn State students in achieving academic and career success.

In order to participate in this excellent opportunity, companies may sponsor a table at the luncheon with a $500.00 contribution. Each sponsoring company will be able to seat two representatives at their sponsored table, giving them further access and ability to interact with eight future employees and interns who will also be seated with them. In addition, each corporate partner will receive a compact disc that includes the resumes of all student participants. Your company can register by using the attached link. We look forward to seeing you at this worthwhile function.

Sponsorship registration coming soon!

A Closer Look

During MEPO, participants stay at the Days Inn Hotel in State College with upper-level MEP engineering mentors. Participants accepted to University Park will be able to move into their residence halls on the Wednesday prior to the first day of classes, ahead of other University Park students.

MEPO participants will:

  • Have an upper-level student mentor for their entire first year
  • Network with Penn State alumni and industry partners
  • Participate in an engineering design competition
  • Gain 0.5 credit before their first year even begins
  • Have the opportunity to make new friends before fall classes start
  • Become experts working with the Penn State computer system
  • Move into their dorm rooms early (University Park Campus only)


Participants pay only the $150 registration fee. All MEPO activities (meals and housing) are provided by MEP. Fee waivers are available for those with demonstrated financial need.

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