Student Research & Engagement


Student Research and Engagement provides opportunities for undergraduate students to become involved in research or academically focused enrichment programs. The experience empowers students to better conceptualize course material in the classroom and determine areas of interest and to explore career paths. Our goal is to increase student success with hopes of inspiring students to continue on to graduate studies.

Summer Programs

Students in this eight-week program are supported by two faculty members, one from the student’s home campus and one faculty from University Park.

Students in this six-week program enroll in a course taught by a Penn State Smeal College of Business course and learn about entrepreneurship and business management. At the end of the program, students have a business model and plan to start their own company.

A ten-week program where students research for 5 weeks at Texas A&M University and 5 weeks researching at Penn State University. Students and faculty serve as teams of 4 persons – one faculty and one student from each institution.

A summer experience that combines research and corporate experiences. Students enroll in a 10 week course as well as take part in a research based industry internship.

Academic Year Program

College of Engineering Research Initiative (CERI)
During this 15-week program, Penn State undergraduate engineering students work during an academic semester conducting research with a faculty member based at University Park.

Students dedicate 10 hours per week to their research project with a PSU faculty member and that faculty member’s associated research group. Students also engage in monthly professional development sessions to compliment their personal and professional portfolios.

Upon completion of the program, students submit a research paper and also present their research at a poster symposium.
The program serves 70 students per academic year, with approximately 30 students in the fall semester cohort, and 40 students in the spring cohort.

If you would like more information on the CERI program or to apply, please visit our application website

Research Programs outside of Penn State

Are you interested in finding a research experience outside of Penn State?

Check out all the different opportunities available!