Facilitated Study Group Leader

The Women in Engineering Program Facilitated Study Groups bring together small groups of first- and second-year engineering women, who are enrolled in the same courses, with an upper-level engineering facilitator. Study group members meet with the facilitator about once a week in order to go over homework problems, discuss conceptual questions, study for exams, and help students succeed in their courses.


  • Help the members of your study group not only succeed in the class that you are helping them with, but also develop much needed study skills that will benefit them in the future as well.
  • Gain leadership skills to add to your résumé and enhance your marketability.
  • Receive hourly pay.
  • Get a refresher on first and second year course concepts.
  • Work with your group to determine when, where, and how long the group will work during the week.
  • Meet with your group at least once a week.
  • Prepare a weekly update of your progress and hours in the form of a short email.
  • Sign a contract outlining the duties of a facilitator. View a sample contract »


Facilitator selection is based on the grade you earned in the course, the number of women demonstrating need in that course, an interview, and the degree to which your availability matches that of the students.