The Fall 2017 University Park Research Experience for Undergraduates (UP REU) through the College of Engineering will take place August 28 – December 8.  Selected students will complete their proposed engineering research project with a PSU faculty member.

Program Requirements
All UP REU participants will be expected to participate in all program activities, including one professional development activity per month (coordinated by the Student Research and Engagement office).  Participants will spend 10 hours per week participating in research. Students will also be expected to present their research experiences and outcomes as well as a poster. A final report will also be expected from each funded REU student.

To be eligible, students must be enrolled as an undergraduate student in the Penn State College of Engineering.  Students must not be intending to graduate prior to the completion of their REU experience.

To apply, log in at
Using the application website, follow the three steps below to apply to the UP REU:
• Step 1: Add your biographical data and resume
• Step 2: Link with a faculty member from your home campus and list them as a reference. Faculty will be prompted by the application website to submit a letter of support for your project.
• Step 3: Apply to the UP REU Posting. When you apply, you must also upload a 1-2 page proposal which describes:
o Goals of the project
o Importance of research
o Research plans including a timeline showing how the intended results can be achieved within the scope of the REU dates
o Plan for engagement (types/frequency of interactions) with the faculty member and/or the research team throughout the project.

Priority Student Application Deadline is Friday, May 5, 2017.

If you have questions contact Erin Hostetler ( or Cindy Reed ( with the College of Engineering in the Office for Student Research and Engagement, University Park campus.

Students will be awarded $1500 for the 15-week REU in the form of scholarship.